Alien Rocket


Small and powerful, this model blends the classic tones from Marshall®'s JCM 800 series with the trademark clarity and richness of Soldano®'s overdrive. It's the ideal choice for those seeking a light and straightforward amp that is both loud and clear. Lots of dynamics and character, and surprising all-around versatility from a single-channel amp of such compact dimensions.

In Hi Gain mode it's possible to run the gamut from clean to classic metal tones – and the Rocket is a pedal-friendly design that will accept your fave effect boxes and boost pedals for even heavier sounds. The Low Gain mode will turn the amp into a blues machine, with perfect saturation. The Rocket also sports an active, tube-driven effects loop with hard bypass – everything your delay, chorus and other time/modulation-based effects need to unleash their full power.


We supply the Alien Rocket in 5 versions:

• Head 18W (2 x EL84)
• Head 30W (4 x EL84)
• Combo 1x12" 18W (Alien Ace speaker)
• Combo 1x12" 30W (Alien Ace speaker)
• Combo 2x12" 30W (Alien Ace speaker)


Please note:
We envisioned the Rocket strictly as a single-channel design. Even though it has two gain modes, we do not offer a footswitch option due to the shared, single master volume control.










We believe the very soul of a tube amp resides here, so we carefully design and build our own transformers, with all due precision and care.
Alien employs JJ/Tesla™ tubes exclusively, world renowned for their consistency and superior tonal qualities.

Extremely resistant to heat, ceramic tube sockets have a much larger lifespan than cheaper counterparts.

Laser-cut, electrostatic epoxy painting (powder coated), silkscreened panel graphics, and additional soldering on corners for improved mechanical stability.
Alien uses Margirius ™ switches exclusively, as we think they provide not only flawless operation, but proved to be reliable and durable.
Knobs e Pots
24mm Alpha ™ pots with "chicken head" knobs - just what's needed to check amp settings at a glance, even on a dark stage.
PCI BOARD AND components
1.6mm fiberglass PCI board, double-sided soldering, Vishay/Phoenix ™ metal film resistors, EPCO ™ capacitors
We proudly use Amphenol ™ connectors, one of the world's leaders in audio and energy interconnect products.









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