Alien FIVE


The right choice for those in pursuit of the unique sound of a maxed-out tube amplifier. The new Alien Five delivers - through a pair of 12ax7s and a single EL84 - anything from rich, slightly hot clean sounds to that classic crunch in a way that only a single-ended amp can.

Portable and easy to carry, the Alien Five lives up to our standards of impeccable construction and top-notch components. A veritable infinity of tones emerge from an very effective set of controls (Gain, Bass, Treble and Master) that interact nicely with each other... just plug it in and let us take you on a trip to Toneland!"


• 5W RMS All Tube

• Single-Ended / Class A

• 2 parallel outputs / 4 and 8 ohms

• 2 x 12ax7 and 1 x EL84 (JJ Tubes)


We supply the Alien Rocket in 2 versions
• Head 5W
• Combo 1x12 5W (Alien Ace speaker)


















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